Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shape up or Ship Out!

I've know I've been neglecting my blog, I am going to dedicate this week to catching up on what's been happening with my senior year, because the Bridget Show must go on!

Kozo is a natural fiber from mulberry plants and commonly used for papermaking.  I made this piece last year out of kozo:
Photo by Megan Marcoux

I've been working with kozo in my major studio class to make two dresses, so I will now present a sneak peak of my progress!

These are my inspiration pictures:

My first dress is inspired by a photo of bow of Titanic decaying underwater:

Making millions of kozo barnacles!

I just started the second dress, but here is what I have so far!  I was inspired by the Winged Nike statue, which is also standing on the bow of a ship.

There's still so much to do and only 6 weeks to do it!!!

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