Saturday, June 20, 2015

Spring Fling

My newest dresses are inspired by movement.  In the past, I've made sculptural pieces that implied motion, but I wanted to create pieces that would transform with the wearer's movement.  And what better models to use than ballerinas?

To create my Spring Dress, I combined two dresses, one seafoam green dress from Goodwill and one pleated peach vintage gown.

I also created a harness necklace to go with this dress that I made out of a plastic vintage necklace that had the most beautiful flower beads.


I went to Italy last fall with one of my best friends, and it has had a definite effect on my recent  designs.  Looking at sculptures and paintings that I'd only seen in pictures in real life absolutely blew my mind.  

The Botticelli paintings in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence were especially breathtaking, I'd loved the paintings before, but the colors and gold details were so much more amazing than I had imagined.
"Birth of Venus" by Sandro Boticelli
"Spring" by Sandro Botticelli
The draping details of the statues were equally mesmerizing. 

My friend had to literally drag me away when she got bored waiting for me to finish staring at statues/art/everything.  Everything we saw was inspiring...even the chandelier in our AirBNB!  

I'm hoping to go back to Europe in the fall and stare at many more things...until then, working on tons of new pieces! 

The Main Event - Part 2

Fashion has a reputation for being a superficial scene full of egos and competition, but my connotation is basically the (silly edit) photo above.  I design because I love it.  When I'm showing my garments in a gallery, on stage, or in a fashion show, I am displaying my most honest self because designing allows me to express myself in ways I wouldn't be able to otherwise.  It takes hours and hours to create each of my one-of-a-kind dresses, and although it's frustrating balancing time between designing and everything else, I can't stop doing it.  I won't stop, because it makes me feel like the photo above.  My whole heart goes in to each one of my designs, and I appreciate everyone who has been following my fashion adventures.  Your support means the world to me! 

Anyways, on to the fun stuff!  Here are the runway photos from last week's MainEvent20 
Fashion Show.  My models totally owned the outdoor runway.   

Ribbon Dress
Model: Chelsea Korte
Photo by Anastasia Cheatham
Hydrangea Dress and Necklace
Model: Alaina Agnello

Photo by Anastasia Cheatham

Summer Dress and Peony Necklace
Model: Mychaela Cooper
Venice Dress
Model: Alexis Susalla
Photo by Anastasia Cheatham
Dogwood Dress and Necklace
Model: Stacy Binelli
Caftan Dress
Model: Mya Wilson
Photo by Anastasia Cheatham

Hurricane Dress
Model: Courtney Peterson
Photo by Anastasia Cheatham
Tulip Dress and Neckpiece
Model: Elizabeth McBryde

Crane Dress
Model: Alexandra McLeod
Photo by Anastasia Cheatham
Magnolia Dress and Necklace
Model: Mychaela Cooper

Ghost Dress
Model: Alaina Agnello

Photo by Anastasia Cheatham

Spring Dress
Model: Chelsea Korte

Photo by Anastasia Cheatham

You know how I was talking about how much I love designing?  You can tell at the end of a show by the way I look...similar to a happy spastic lemur.  Maybe one day it will get old and I'll look cool, calm and collected...but I really hope it doesn't. ♥ 
Photo by Anastasia Cheatham
Photo by Anastasia Cheatham

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Main Event - Part 1

Highlights from Thursday's fashion show!  I showed a collection of my eco/vintage designs at  MainEvent20, part of Detroit Fashion Week. 

All photography by Anastasia Cheatham

These photos are from an impromptu photoshoot we had before the show.  It felt very much like an America's Next Top Model the best way!  Thanks to my beautiful models and photographer for pulling this off.  

Part 2 will be runway my ballerina models!

Models left to right: Chelsea Korte, Elizabeth McBryde, Alexis Susalla, Mya Wilson, Mychaela Cooper, Stacy Binelli, Alaina Agnello, Alexandra McLeoud