Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Don't WEAVE Me This Way

This is my favorite thing I've made in weaving class this semester! It's a shibori-dyed scarf. The ends aren't finished yet in this picture, but I'm really excited about it and couldn't wait to put it up!

Here are some process pictures, I don't have any from the very beginning, but first I wove a white plain-weave scarf and then painted it with colored dye.  I had woven in supplementary threads throughout also, which I pulled tightly to cinch up the scarf before I put it in black dye...

So then it looked like this!  After that I cut the cinching threads to reveal the color underneath:

This was so much fun because no one knew what their scarves would look like until they were done, and everyone's  scarf turned out completely different!

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