Saturday, January 16, 2016

MainEvent20 Fashion Show Part 4: RUNWAY

The big moment!  It always amazes me how much time and effort goes into preparing the actual runway, which absolutely flies by.

The show was held in the beautiful Music Box Theater of the Detroit Orchestra Hall.  My models stole the show as they twirled and dance down the runway in my collection of familiar and new pieces.

Transparency Dress - vintage screenprinted material
Tulip Dress - hand painted vintage material
Degas Dress - handpainted vintage material
Mermaid Dress - embellished thrifted materials
Mermaid 2 - embellished vintage materials
Dogwood Dress and Necklace - kozo fiber
Goddess Dress - vintage material, kozo fiber
Seaweed Dress - vintage wedding dress material, kozo fiber

The final was my collaboration with Architexture Studio.  This piece features their 3D printed Model-Tech rapid prototyping material, which I used to create a Black Swan inspired dress.  
(Look for a whole post on the process coming soon!)
Myself and Lilana Nicoghosian from Architexture Studio

All Photography by Anastasia Cheatham

Models (in order): Elizabeth McBryde, Mychaela Cooper, Alaina Agnello, Marie Muhammed, Madalyn Knebel, Britney Stoney, Alexis Susalla, Alexandra McLeod, Chelsea Korte

Friday, January 15, 2016

MainEvent 20 Fashion Show Part 3 - Photoshoot

Photographer Anastasia Cheatham worked her magic as we were waiting to hit the runway, and these gorgeous ladies turned an ordinary hallway into a fabulous photoshoot location.

I showed a collection eco-vintage designs from my archives, as well as two new designs.
models: Chelsea Korte, Alexandra McLeod, Marie Muhammed, Mychaela Cooper, Elizabeth McBryde, Alaina Agnello, Britney Stoney, and Madalyn Knebel
Black Swan Dress
Degas Dress
Transparency Dress

Thursday, January 14, 2016

MainEvent20 Fashion Show Part 2 - Dressing Room

Bows tied, corsets laced, jewelry fastened, crinolines adjusted...

I was so lucky to have my mom backstage with me to help me perfect all of the details before the models walked the runway.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

MainEvent20 Fashion Show Part 1 - Getting Pretty

On Sunday I showed my designs at a kick-off event for the Detroit Auto Show.  Photographer Anastasia Cheatham documented the show again.  She caught so many cute moments of this amazing group of models...super silly and fun!  I loved working with these crazy beautiful ladies.

The models all had glowy makeup with cat eyes that ranged from subtle to dramatic, culminating in a dark Black Swan inspired look.  I had three ballerinas in the show again, and everyone rocked a ballerina bun.

Enjoy this behind the scenes look at the beginnings of the show!
Elizabeth McBryde
Chelsea Korte
Britney Stoney
Mychaela Cooper
Madalyn Knebel

Alexandra McLeod
Alaina Agnello
Marie Muhammed