Monday, November 9, 2015

AIA Fashion Show Part 3: The Runway

Finally, the runway!  Watching it happen from backstage actually brought tears to my eyes.  These models made my impressionist ballerina vision a reality.  I asked them to smile, twirl, and dance onstage, which they did and more.  These girls lit up the stage in my eco-vintage designs.

All photography by Anastasia Cheatham
Venice Dress
model: Madison Ortiz

Coral Dress
model: Marie Muhammed

Venice Sunset Dress
model: Sophia Fenby

Venus Dress
model: Ashley Marie

Spring Dress
model: Karen Polzin

Ghost Dress
model: Emilia Schmier

Florence Sunset Dress
model: Alexis Susalla

Shareen Dress
model: Madalyn Knebel

Impressionist Dress
model: Alaina Agnello

Chroma Dress
model: Chelsea Korte

Friday, October 30, 2015

AIA Fashion Show Part 2: Portraits and Candids

Even though just 3 of the 10 models wore pointe shoes, everyone was an honorary ballerina for the show.  This group totally got into the spirit, and everyone was smiling, laughing, and dancing the entire time.  Photographer Anastasia Cheatham captured the joyful energy of these beautiful women in this series.  I dare you not to smile while looking!

all photography by Anastasia Cheatham
MUA: Taryn Scalise and Alyse Billel
hair: Stein van Bael

Alaina Agnello teaching a crash-course on graceful ballerina arms