Thursday, May 5, 2016

Chalk it Up (to good design)

*choices choices!*

Other than the pirate wallpaper, the most dramatic piece in our Show House room was this red built-in cabinet.

How were we going to turn this into a piece fit for a Sea Nymph?  After taking a class at Vera's Daughter Home, we decided Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was the answer.

This amazingly versatile paint not only comes in a wide range of gorgeous colors, but there is no need to prime or sand your piece before using it.

This was a huge selling point, because of the thick layer of bright red paint on the cabinet.

Another great feature of this paint is the countless ways you can use it to create different finishes.  We went with a three-color distressed finish.

We layered two colors; first Chateau Grey, and then Provence (don't you love the names?).

We decided to leave the doors off and paint the inside a contrasting color.

After it dried, we sanded the surface to bring out the the original red.

We finished the piece with a layer of soft wax to give it a little shine, and filled it with objects to create a mermaid's dream closet.

Special thanks to Vera's Daughter Home in Grosse Pointe, Michigan to providing us with the training and materials necessary for this transformation. I highly encourage you to check them out and take a class if you're local!

cutest storefront!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Unicorn SPiT = Magic

With a name like Unicorn SPiT, how can you possibly go wrong? 

I knew I wanted to incorporate this magical product even before I had finalized the Show House room designUnicorn SPiT® Gel Stain and Glaze is the only product on the market today that both stains and glazes wood at once for a three-dimensional effect.

After finding this pair of wooden mirrors at a local thrift store, I knew I had found my project.

Because product is non-toxic, many artists use their hands to apply to wood, metal, name it!  I chose to use a foam brush though to build up layers of color on the mirror frames.

This product dries with a chalky white finish, so the effect is truly *MAGICAL* once top coat is applied!

Oil based topcoats only can be used with this product. I chose to work with Tung Oil, which I also applied with a foam brush.


I seriously can't wait to play with this stuff some more!  You'll be sure to see more posts about this now that the Show House is completed, because I have a whole new house to decorate starting month! More on that soon...