Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Unicorn SPiT = Magic

With a name like Unicorn SPiT, how can you possibly go wrong? 

I knew I wanted to incorporate this magical product even before I had finalized the Show House room designUnicorn SPiT® Gel Stain and Glaze is the only product on the market today that both stains and glazes wood at once for a three-dimensional effect.

After finding this pair of wooden mirrors at a local thrift store, I knew I had found my project.

Because product is non-toxic, many artists use their hands to apply to wood, metal, glass...you name it!  I chose to use a foam brush though to build up layers of color on the mirror frames.

This product dries with a chalky white finish, so the effect is truly *MAGICAL* once top coat is applied!

Oil based topcoats only can be used with this product. I chose to work with Tung Oil, which I also applied with a foam brush.


I seriously can't wait to play with this stuff some more!  You'll be sure to see more posts about this now that the Show House is completed, because I have a whole new house to decorate starting month! More on that soon...

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