Monday, November 9, 2015

AIA Fashion Show Part 3: The Runway

Finally, the runway!  Watching it happen from backstage actually brought tears to my eyes.  These models made my impressionist ballerina vision a reality.  I asked them to smile, twirl, and dance onstage, which they did and more.  These girls lit up the stage in my eco-vintage designs.

All photography by Anastasia Cheatham
Venice Dress
model: Madison Ortiz

Coral Dress
model: Marie Muhammed

Venice Sunset Dress
model: Sophia Fenby

Venus Dress
model: Ashley Marie

Spring Dress
model: Karen Polzin

Ghost Dress
model: Emilia Schmier

Florence Sunset Dress
model: Alexis Susalla

Shareen Dress
model: Madalyn Knebel

Impressionist Dress
model: Alaina Agnello

Chroma Dress
model: Chelsea Korte

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