Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tulip Dress Transformation

Tulip Dress
I bought this dress about 2 years ago (!!) in NYC and finally gave it a makeover.

After stripping away the giant bow and trim, I used acrylic paint to give it some color.  The neckpiece is made from kozo fiber and chain.

Impressionist style painting is my absolute favorite if you can tell! I'm the crazy person at museums who has to stare at the paintings really close to see the texture and the colors...proven by these pictures I took at the MET...sooo many picture on my phone look like this!

impressionist inspiration

MUA & hair by Cory Peltier
Photographer Anastasia Cheatham took these gorgeous photos of model Emilia Schmier, and added a painterly touch of her own with the watercolor backgrounds.  It was awesome working with a new team of artists.  More pictures to come!

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